“The Hasake”

Video Installation

The video was shot in the Dead Sea, cruising on a “hasake” (a large lifeguards’ surfboard). It’s the corner of the Hasake which is used as a navigating tool towards the horizon.

 At The Asperger Gallery, The video was screened upside down on a round corner of a room (a meeting of two walls and the ceiling)consequently,the triangle shape of the tip of the surfboard, complements the original structure of the corner and the water seems as if it is pouring down to the floor.The corner has been rounded by a special object for rounding corners. This object is attached to the corner in a perfect manner so that it blends in the original construction of the interior harmonically becoming an original part of it. The round corner is used as a round screen and therefore creates a soft, free flow of light and sound;

Asperger Gallery