“Acoustic Landscape – Night”

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“Acoustic Landscape – Night” in “Sonic Views 2” at Minshar Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2012

“In the works of Michal Rothschild, the artist is creating poetical illusionary passages between the various artistic mediums, while spreading the beauty of the world into sub-sections. In her present piece she generates the breakdown of matter and form of flood water flowing on the road, while reversing water and sky, nature and technology, sound and image.”

(text by Adia Porat curator of the exhibition “Sonic Views 2” / Acoustic Landscapes 02.2012)

The installation was constructed in a shaft on the ceiling, which goes all the way up to the floor above (about 3 meters high). The movie of a flood is screened on two screens: on a half-transparent screen and through it onto another screen stretch one meter above it, (at the top on the shaft), in order to multiply the image and to intensify the rainy effect.

“In her piece, “Laila” (Night), Michal Rothschild is creating an almost Zen-like focusing , a short meditative attention to the flow and sound of the water. A direct observation and capture of movements and lights that are reflected or contained within the water. In a certain moment – an event is happening – two cars are cruising along. A distortion is created, in sound and light. The noise is slow and faint – like a plane ready to take off. The perception is of something more then the car, that had already passed, is lingering, something that arrived before and stays after. We are ejected from within the illusion of nature into the reality of urban space, the imagined possibilities are reduced and the concentration is breached”.

(text by Yael Amit)